It was a hot day after long cool days recently.

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May 16, 2013 05:34
It was a hot day after long cool days recently. I thought it would be nice to go to a river to get a medaka. I talked about it with my daughters, and they were sure to agree with my thought.

We first went to a 100 yen shop to get nets for catching fish. We have gotten ready for it.

We went to the Kamo river. It's a perfect day to walk IN the river as we did last summer. On the way we saw some other families walk along the river while handing the similar nets. We thought the same things.

But nobody wore their sandals for walking in the river except us. We prepared for it intentionally. We walked in the river searching for medaka for a long time. Walking itself was fun. Especially they were really excited when they tried to catch a flying butterfly in the river.

It's a shame we couldn't catch any medaka although we god hundreds of them last summer. Well we said all medala have died or they were yet eggs? Well, only one medaka seems to be alone for a while. But we will get some medaka in summer.
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