My youngest daughter's classroom show

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Jun 22, 2013 05:11

My family and other families biked to a kindergarten where our children made their classroom shows.

My family biked from east to west along Oike Street, which there are the wide sidewalks.

We then biked along Horikawa Street which was also a boulevard in Kyoto.

You see the Nijyo Castle in the picture, where people around the world visit as a World Heritage Sites in Kyoto.

The last 100 meter to the kindergarten is the path next to the castle.

When we arrived at the kindergarten many parents biked there.

The chief woman teacher of the kindergarten also worked there to appropriately line the bikes in the bike parking lot.

The classroom show was fantastic as usual. All children sang some songs loudly.

During the classroom show an experiment was held and some fathers also participated in the event.

I was chosen as one of the fathers. I did the experiment as a tutor of the children.

It was fun for me. Children in our group and I did a good job.

At the end of the classroom show my daughter gave me a present for me. I was happy!
参観日の終わり、娘は僕にプレゼントをくれました うれしかったです。

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