Biking to a department store to buy my youngest daughter's birthday present

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Feb 12, 2013 04:34
The billboard showing i pod definitely attracts my youngest daughter who has just become five years old. I'm personally, personally, a little depressed by the fact. (Of course, she already touch it more than I do, but, Too young to handle the internet well....)

Anyway, to give her the birthday present my daughters and I went to a department store near the Kyoto Station. We biked along Nishino thoin Street toward the Kyoto Station for about thirty minutes.

We were strolling on the toy selling floor. My youngest daughter wanted to buy a toy featuring a popular girl's favorite anime, Purikyua. Purikua is definitely her favorite character. She always watches this anime with her sister. You may be able to imagine the anime character as Lika-chan if you have not heard of Purikyua. As for me, I was a boy, so I was not quite familiar with such a girl's favorite character, but my daughters watch the anime on TV so often that I've naturally gotten familiar with what the anime is....

And i phone and i pad. Personally, I an mot interested in them at all. But I can't ignore i-pad while my daughters are very addicted to i -phone and i-pad as well as every one is. Well, C'est la vie.