A small and great amusement park, Arakawa-yuen in Tokyo

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Apr 15, 2014 05:02

My elder daughter and I were searching for a good destination to play while we were staying together in Tokyo last week. We found a small local amusement park that was given high reputation on the website. It was called Arakawa-yuen. We were staying at a hotel near the amusement park so we decided to visit.

Here is the link to the post http://mamabicycle.blogspot.jp/2014/04/a-nice-small-amusement-park-in-tokyo.html

As I might not imagined it, there were a lot of mama bicycles parked around the amusement park. It was like that the amusement park was very popular to the local people there. But the rate of the reputation was held all in Tokyo. I guessed that there should have been the reason for that high reputation. We stepped in, anyway.

The fare was amazingly low! The entrance fee was just 1$ for each person and you can ride all the attractions for 1$ although every attraction was not new and not high-tech.

My younger daughter could ride a roller coaster for children.

They rode horses in a merry goland.

They rode a pony too!

My younger daughter could also ride the pony too.

A traditional candy machine made her excited.

Every attraction was old fashioned, but they can still have children being fun well enough. All the fares were cheap. You can even see some kinds of animals in a small zoo inside and touch some of the animals. I thought that the most excellent element to make feel visitors comfortable was the efficient locations of all the attractions, that they can easily go around in the amusement park. You can go to every attraction, including the pony ride, in every three minutes walk.

My younger daughter and I rode a pair of funny bike too. You don't ride it on the road, but you do on the air. You pedal the bike on the iron-pipe lanes to view from the high place. It's a shame that we were not allowed to take any picture while pedaling and I didn't get the pictures, but it was fun although I felt a bit scarey because every high places always makes me feel scary ;) Ah, I finally pedal in Tokyo for the business trip. Thanks.