My daughter is paralleled with me when we bike together. (Prat.1 To an abacus school)

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Apr 19, 2014 07:21
My eldest daughter and I biked toward the same direction on Saturday morning. She had an exam for abacus and I needed to go to a shrine. We started pedaling from our apartment.

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As I have been writing about it she has grown up, to 10 years old, and she usually rides her own bike when she needs to go out to some destinations.

When she bikes out I am often supposed to be parallel with her while riding my mountain bike. Speaking of the mountain bike I have been riding it for over twelve years. Actually, I have been riding it longer than my mama bicycle, hehe.

I think Japanese people who live in cities like Kyoto similarly ride their bikes every day as the pictures show these scenes. This is very common to many of Japanese people including me, but I know that it's not always common to people outside of japan. So I sometimes write about this fact here.

She got to arrive at her destination, and she took the abacus exam. There were many bikes that other abacus students had ridden there. I gave her a cheerful word and went to the shrine. To be continued.