People biking along Karasuma Street in Kyoto

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Jun 13, 2013 04:17
People biking along Karasuma Street in Kyoto

It was a very hot day, today. It seems that summer is suddenly here in Kyoto. Some people held their umbrella to keep the sunshine out while walking along Karasuma Street. Some people rode their mama bicycles.
今日は、とても暑い日でした。急に京都に夏が来たという感じです。烏丸通りを歩くのに日よけの傘をさす人もいました。Mama bicycle に乗る人も。

The famous summer festival which is called Gion Matsuri will be here soon, next month. I am looking forward to going out this street festival with my daughters and my colleagues. I wish I would walk with a friend from abroad. On the other hand, it will be the final year when I seat my younger daughter in the front basket of mama bicycle in this big event. I feel sorry for it.
有名な京都の夏祭り、祇園祭がもうすぐ、来月です。祭りを娘や同僚と歩き回るのが楽しみです。外国からの友人ともまた歩けると良いんですけど。その一方で、この祭りに下の子をmama bicycleの前かごに乗せて祭りに出るのもこれが最期なんです。寂しいです。

I saw a father take his son to school this morning, when he seated him on front of his mama bicycle. He told something to him. I would hope more fathers and other parents will enjoy riding their mama bicycles.
今朝は、お父さんが子供を学校へおくっていくのを見ました、mama bicycleの前後に子供を乗せていました。父親や異国の人にmama bicycleに乗って欲しいなと思いますね。