My Father Has Gone

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May 20, 2017 23:10
Here is my blog link and the sentences. Thank you.

Caption: We parked inside the Bukkouji Temple

Fy father passed away on 10th May, 2017. He was 74 years old. I beleive that he had a happy life. But I'm confused by the fact. My most concern is my mother's future health. She lives alone. So I'm confused. We live 100 kilometer apart. I work 150 kilometer away. I don't know how I should do. 

My ancesters including my father belonged to Buddism of Bukkoji(佛光寺). Me too. The head temple of Bukkoji has been located in Kyoto since 1200s. My father was given his buddha's name of Shou Jyou(清浄) so now he lives not only his birth place but also in the head temple. Tha's why I started to pray at the temple when I live in Kyoto.   

Today I took my youngest daughter to the head temple. I told her that now his grand father stays there and we started praying for him and our ancesters.   

Caption: My youngest daughter prayed in the head temple house.

I just said, "Good morning my father "Shou Jyou" and my ancesters. I want to feel thankful." in mind.  

Caption: The head temople has two houses in the site.

Honestly I don't know well about Bukkoji and its teachings. I've not come there so often. However, I've started to come there for my father. I've recognized that my ancesters started live at my parent's house from 1640. There are over 50 my ancesters there too. I think I will know about Bukkoji more.

Caption: The founder of Bhukkoji Shinran was worshipped in the other house

Caption: The temple crest of Bukkoji