Picking up my daughter to a bus stop

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Feb 21, 2014 05:00
I took to a bus stop to pick up my younger daughter. This task is always done by my wife, but my wife was in the flu. So I did it instead. But I used to go there from time to time when my elder daughter was in the kindergarten and before moving to this apartment. I remembered these days. http://mamabicycle.blogspot.jp/2010/12/drop-off-and-pick-up-children-for.html

Here is the link to today's post http://mamabicycle.blogspot.jp/2014/02/picking-up-my-daughter-to-bus-stop.html

Some parents also rode their mama bicycles to pick up their children. I seat my daughter in the REAR child seat and wrapped double blankets around her. Finally, I began to seat her in the back although she still manages to sit in the front. How on earth will I write about a mama bicycle when she will enter an elementary school from next April ? I will continue writing about mama bicycle as the only one enthusiastic/frantic mama bicycle evangellion around the world. ;) I believe that mama bicycles in cities make it possible to build well growth in cities too. iPhone, Toyota, GM, Honda, any other excellent companies can't make it! Sorry, I might overstate it.


子供を幼稚園まで向かえにmama bicycleで行く人もいます。僕は、”うしろ”に下の子を載せて、ブランケットでぐるぐる巻きにしました。ついに、後ろ乗せです。まあ、まだなんとか前に乗れるんですけど。次の4月から彼女が小学校に入ったら、mama bicycleはどうしましょうかね。街のmama bicycleは街のyりより成長にも寄与すると信じます。iPhone, トヨタ、GM、ホンダ、こういう大手でなにも変えれません、まあ、言いすぎですすいません。