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Mar 6, 2017 07:39

Hi there. I have been busy for my work and my family business(not commercial business, huh). Last Saturday I took my youngest daughter to Veloce our cafe for the first time several months. I've written over 200 posts of Veloce so far, but we recently have been to a public library instead. We were back there again. 


 As I sometimes wrote about a parking issue in front of the cafe. The street on the cafe is the main street in Kyoto. You are not officially allowed to park your bike there although a lot of people do unofficially. Your bike may be taken away by the city officials. It's too bad to freely leave your bike there while taking a cup of coffee. We've found a small bike park opened three minutes walk from the cafe. I parked my mama bicycle there. Yes, you can too. :)  

 In Veloce, you can drink a special chocolate. We planned to try it and we did it on the weekend. The taste was quite a chocolate!  

 After drinking the chocolate au lait my youngest daughter drew something funny and interesting. She said that she would give it to his teacher when she leaves third grade class in her elemenrtary school. The character was attractive. Shuichi 

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