The third Saturday of my holiday

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Dec 5, 2015 22:24
Our usual Saturday has come back. I spent today with my daughters as I have been done that every weekend for five years. I had been participating a self professional training for the previous four months and, additionally, I had been very busy for work last month. So today was the third holiday of Saturday after no holiday Saturday for four months. I am happy. On the other hand, my new professional task and environment is completely new and not easy, and I need to get familiar with the new office environment, so I am wondering how I can freely enjoy the weekend without worrying about my effort for work. I'm kinda in workaholic. I want to at least stop worrying because it's necessary. Back to my usual weekend, my daughters and I rode our bikes to a family restaurant near the Kyoto Imperial Palace.We enjoyed lunch and my daughters did their homework. We talked a lot. I was happy. :) Shuichi, Kyoto