Nobunaga's restaurant newly opens next my apartment

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May 27, 2013 20:35
I will specially write about a newly opened restaurant next to my apartment. This restaurant is featured Nobunaga Oda who was the most famous shogun in Japan. Shogun Nobunaga was died after the accident which was called Honno-ji no hen. It was a kind of betray from his follower in these days. Honno is an area's name and my family and our neighbors live in Honno. This author thought it would be wonderful when people drink and eat in this historical area. So he decided to build this restaurant here. His advisory said.

Have you heard of Hokuto-no-ken, the most historically famous action cartoon in Japan. The author of the cartoon still write his works. The latest work is related to Nobunaga Oda. The title is いくさの子, the child from Nobunaga Oda.

Our neighbors were specially invited to the restaurant opening event. My daughters and I went there to look around the building.

The most impressive thing to my oldest daughter and I was the real golden byobu, Japanese partition between rooms. It was furnished on the 4th floor. The author has very deep interests from Nobunaga. So many memories and features were arranged, for example, a memorial stone, natural spring water, historical mud, etc.

I bought a special edition of this cartoon. It has a spacial addition which introduces this private restaurant. This restaurant may be a popular place. :)