Reading "Aladdin" on the street (Takatsuji Street in Kyoto)

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Jun 19, 2013 04:51
This is a continuation of my latest post. My younger daughter read Aladdin in the front basket. We went from west to east along Takatsuji Street in Kyoto Here we go.

We started at Shinmachi Street to east. You see an old junior high school in a picture.

We arrived at Karasuma Street the main street in Kyoto, which runs from Kyoto Station to north, She was reading the book.

You then see the Bukkoji Temple and she read Aladdin in the picture.

We saw an interesting vehicle near Teramachi Street. It seems used in Thailand or somewhere in Asia.

Finally, we arrived at Kawaramachi Street which is also the main street in Kyoto, where many people come and play.

You see a narrow street toward ahead in a picture. It leads Kiyamachi Street. I will continue to write a post, the reaming half of "Reading Aladdin on the street " :)
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