Even a medalist in Beijing Olympic was excited at town sports meet :)

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Oct 31, 2012 04:37
Town sports meet was held on the weekend.

Three years have passed since I moved here (within Kyoto city though), and my family have joined the town sports meet three times.

My age is over 40, but It is like that I am rather younger than other neighbors, so I was forced to register many races.
実は私は40超えた訳ですが 町内では 若手ということで また 色々エントリーさせられました

I love Marathon, but I am not good at short race at all, but I was selected the first runner of the group run.
マラソンは好きですが 短距離走は生来苦手 結局またリレーのトップに選ばれました

I couldn't expect myself well, so I felt worst and I also felt nauseous while waiting my turn.
速くないのに・・・ 待つ間 緊張で吐きそうで

As you might not think all attendants give it serious effort on the group race.(Seriously competitive!)

Surprisingly, I noticed that Mr. Asahara, the bronze medalist on 400m group race in Beijing Olimpic, who lives near my apartment also attended the other town sports meet when I read a newspaper.
じつは 近所にオリンピックの朝原さん(北京400メーターリレー銅メダル)が住んでて 彼もこの前町内運動会にでたことが日本経済新聞に載ってましたが

The medalist commented that he was very excited unexpectedly by the real enthusiustical atmosphere made by other attendants.

Yes, I did the right thing. The town sports meet is one of the best chance to be enthusiustic with our neighbors. I will be back next year.
まあ熱中するのはよいことだし 都会の貴重な触れ合う機会でまた来年出ます

Well, I really feel nauseous though.
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