Making of my Presentation Video

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Oct 30, 2012 05:12

I just want to know about the phrase of "メイキングオブ +a title of movie”, can you say "making of the title of movie" as the introduction of the process of making the movie in English.

I made my video presentation last weekend when my daughters and I went to a cafe where we often have breakfast and they study their homework. It is getting our custom on every weekend to go to a cafe like it and let them study.

Here is the video on my bike blog.

Honestly, my youngest daughter is less enthusiastic in study on desk than her older sister. I expect to let my oldest daughter something in front of her leads her to follow it naturally. and it may works well. I let her keep it up.

I like this kind of usual daily thing the most. こういう普通のことが私は一番すきです。

Another thing, I am planning to e-mail to 25 persons or groups in the US to let them know my promotion and my thought, that I want those who well understand the great point and risks of Mama Bicycles to buy them.