Rental Cycle in Tokyo ( Series 4, the final)

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Oct 24, 2012 04:42
This is a continuation of my latest entry. This is the final. 続き、これで最期です。

In the end, I was cycling around the Ueno Park in turn (←in turn は不要?). I thought you can even ride a rental bike at Ueno safely and comfortably. Basically, you can ride a bike not only any road for cars but also on sidewalks safely IN JAPAN. Every vehicle usually pays good attention to cyclists and pedestrians. And even pedestrians usually permit cyclists to ride on the sidewalk. I unexpectedly thought that when I was cycling around the unknown place safely at Ueno.

Anyway, I will explain about the electrically assisted bike. You can use the touch panel on the left handle in order to operate the electric system. The attached touch panel is the same on the electric Mama Bicycle, Anjelino. And other series like Panasonic's and Yamaha's are almost the same of it. You can shift the three assist modes when you touch the triangles. You can easily change the assist levels which consists of Strong, Normal and Economic only if you touch two triangles on the panel. I don't think these modes were drastically different that day, however, The three levels are efficient.
さあ、電動自転車のことを紹介しましょう。 電動システムを操作するのには、左手ハンドルについているタッチパネルで操作できます。このパネルはアンジェリーナなどと同じです、電動のまま自転車、あるいはパナソニックやヤマハなどのシリーズとまあ同じです。三段階のアシストはパネルの△ボタンを押せば,強、標準、エコのどれかにかえられます。 その日これらのモードの違いはそんなにはあると思いませんでしたが、効率的な3段階だとおもいます。

The electric battery is of Lithium. Yes, Lithium problem suffered me much last month. But now some forwarder seem to handle the Lithium battery successfully to ship an electric Mama Bicycles to the US.

Finally, this electric system is basically the same of an electric Anjelino So I believe that an electric Anjelino is very convenient when you live in a hill side city.

精養軒in a picture is said the restaurant of 山猫軒 which was the restaurant in a famous novel, Chumon no ooi ryori-ten by Kenji Miyazawa