Mitarashi Festival

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Jul 29, 2012 05:55
Have you heard of the phrase "Mitarashi" in Japanese? Mitarasi is one of the most traditional desserts in Japan.

OK, what is Mitarashi Festival? The festival is held at the Shimogamo Shrine at the end of July every year. As for me I started to participate in the festival since last July.

This time I only took my oldest daughter there simply because the remainings of my family were dead asleep when we left my apartment to the shrine.

The most impressive thing of the festival is the cool water in a pond where the participants walk and lighten a candle. It is the most hottest day in Kyoto on the other hand the water is very cool ;)

And the traditional dessert is also wonderful. To tell the truth, mitarashi has two meanings. One is to wash hands and legs. The other is the traditional sweat dessert. Surprisingly、the dessert is said to be started here. :)

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