A letter /e-mail from San Francisco

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Jul 28, 2012 09:46
I have received an e-mail from a mother who lives in San Francisco. She has been riding her Mama Bicycle (mamachari) with her children.
I am very glad that she is happily riding the electric Mama Bicycle with her children.

Furthermore, some people even envy her bike.
She tells me "I wish there were a regular importer of electric-assist mamacharis in the US, because our bike is wildly popular in the city, and many of our friends have asked us where they could buy one. Strangers stop me while we’re riding to ask me where they can get a bike like mine." Hum, I will be an importer someday.:)

This time she asked me to find an extra battery for her electric bike. The battery is chargeable, however it is old (maybe 5-6 years old?) and the battery is starting to fail.

I think it is very possible to send it to her because the weight of the battery is under 2kg and we can use EMS service to ship it from Japan to the US. Now I am confirming NiCD battery is allowed to be imported by the US custom bureau. Lithium ion battery is prohibited to be imported by the official.

Anyway, I am glad that she informed me many information about Mama Bicycle in the US. Her friend even has an electric Anjelino which allows her to seat two children on it as I always do.She is living in Seattle. Wow, fantastic!