To a mall to have dinner near the Kyoto Station

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Jul 22, 2012 06:06
My family and I biked to a mall to have dinner. I sometimes go there, but not often. Mainly because it is not very convenient for us to visit from our apartment.

We had free food and free drink this time. The most impressive memory was my youngest daughter's dance while having dinner. I will add an extra explanation for her honor she was not always dancing during dinner...

The course of dinner was good. I drank three glass of beer and a lot of meals. My family also enjoyed the food. We played a video game for a moment after dinner. It was unusual and fun.

I will also add an ordinary explanation about the mall and the way to the mall. The mall is managed by AEON that is the most dominant mall management company in Japan. I think it is enough neat and convenient, but it not special one.

My daughters and I were talking much during biking on the way. It was fun as usual.
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