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Apr 15, 2017 22:07
This week I have positive aspects and negative aspects as I have been. Positive ones I believe I want to keep my dream that I will develop Corporate Finance srvice in my department to be supposed to be a legal entity in the future. I have continued to communicate with contacts in the big name and I I have contacted 11 international colleagues in PKF the international accounting firm who worked in England, Germany, Spain, USA, Africa, Argentin, and Brazil. This was not done with my Japanese colleagues who were just interested in audit so I need to continue this arrangement alone and I need to work as a audit staff member. The possibility of the success in this arrangement in CF Service may not be high and not be grown in the near future, but I want to keep it with my dream. Today I had the happiest event. Today I spent time with my youngest daughter in a library and in a cafe as we have been.
This wee I have been having nightmares in which I often run away from anything to make me worry. This was the negative aspect. I sometimes felt alone and felt that I might not sleep well. Furthermore I don't have confidence that I would take care of my mother who lives alone in her house.
But, I have been continuing reading interesting novels in a train that took me to my office every day. The author's name was Koutarou Isaka the genius. Reading may be my long-life habit and I do hope it.