Three Days in the Night Gion Matsuri with my Lang-8 Friend

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Jul 16, 2012 23:30
I will write about the Gion Matsuri and a Lang-8 friend who have met in this festival briefly. We had experienced much both in Kyoto and Nagahama. I probably write additional entry later.

I planed to meet a Lang-8 friend this Gion matsuri in Kyoto.
We have finished participating in the three night festivals caaled Yoi-yoi-yoi Yama, Yoi-yoi Yama and Yoi Yama.

It was very lucky that the weather was good, and it rarely rained as it had rained much during the night Gion matsuri beforehand.

He came from Colorado to Japan from June to August. I met him one and half year ago in Kyoto once.

He seemed to fully enjoy not only the night festivals but also Nagahama where my parents live. He stayed at my parent's home at Nagahama for two nights with me.

He already fluently speaks Japanese and can even listen to almost all Japanese TV programs.

Anyway, my family and he were satisfied by these night festivals. It was good;)

Hope that he will continue to have a wonderful travel in Japan.

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