At a Classroom Show in her Elementary School

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Jun 25, 2012 05:35
The other day, a weekend, I participated a classroom show in my older daughter's elementary school. She is already a second year student there, and I had attended the classroom shows some times.

I thought students in her class became more prudent than last year. I was a bit amazed, but it was a great thing which I didn't complain at all.

My daughter didn't seem to be shy when she was a chairman in one of the classes. She and her friend organized the class well. I was very shy when I was in my elementary school. Amazing.

Many parents attended the class. Some of them rode their Mama Bicycles there. As might be expected there were much more bikes around the school than usual.

I have known some parents whose children were also friends of my daughter. I think parents and teachers are rather enthusiastic. I appreciate the circumstances now.