Park and Ride

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Jun 19, 2012 05:17
What do you imagine when you see or listen to the phrase, "Park and Ride".

I guess you think of a combination of a car and a train. As for me, I think so.

This time was different. I parked my Mama Bicycle at a bike parking lot, and my daughters and I rode a train/subway.

It was simply because the destination was too far to bike there. :)

I've took my daughters there several times. The destination was a theme park for children at Rokujizo Kyoto. But we usually walked to the station. There was not a special reason, but I tried to park my bike at the parking lot for the first time.

Change of subject, we spent seven hours at that day. We pay 1000 yen for each person. We can play there all day long.

They were always active and excited there. As for me, I was hooked on 24. Of course some time there.

My attracted phrases, ”I have a letter on your desk” ”let me call you”







24で知ったいい言葉。明日辞表を出します  あとでかける

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