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Jun 15, 2012 05:12
My daughters and I went to a casual restaurant, Tayoi-Ken in Kyoto.

Ah, this is not a very special restaurant. But I want to recommend someone who wants to eat lunch or dinner for fair price in Japan.

You can easily find some beef bowl meal restaurants like Yoshinoya, Sukiya. I sometime go there mainly because of its very fair price. I also recommend those who visit Japan.

It is like that Yayoi-Ken is as same as such restaurants. But I like the one which is located Shijyo Street in Kyoto because the restaurant is beautiful and large enough to be calm even when multiple guys dropped by.

My daughters love silsubery beef steak. The restaurant also serves Japanese piclus for free which makes them happy. That's why it sometimes attracts them. The dish is 700 yen.

When we dropped by the restaurant the other day it was fun. :) Please try it!

I guess the restaurant serves the better taste than the Japanese restaurant outside Japan which serves Japanese meals with expensive prices, hehe.

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