Walked to the cafe owl, and the other one in Kyoto

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May 14, 2016 00:07

I have seen an owl cafe where a wild owl lives at the intersection Higashino Toin Street and Rokkaku Street last week. Today I talked about cat cafes and owl cafes, which seem popular here and there. I took my daughters to our usual Owl Cafe where no wild lives and many goods of owl by our feet.
I may go to the other owl cafe some day. However, our Owl Cafe offered the same taste as we have been enjoying. You may go to some owl cafes when you come to Japan. You may go to one where there is some wild lives.

The owl cafe in Kyoto, at the intersection Nishino Toin Street and Takoyakushi Street, offers some great meals like the salmon-cheese sandwiches with a lot of vegetables or the tarako pasta set for kids even though there is no wildlives. You can also stay to read books after the meals. Shuichi, Kyoto