My Self-Introduction Practice to English Native Colleagues in HK 1.

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Feb 29, 2012 05:10
I am working in Tokyo. I am surrounded by Japanese colleagues of a related company. However, I will be only surrounded by English native colleagues of the related companies around the world for one month. It will be excited. My poor English will be debut in HK.

I also work on English materials which should be tested by us. It's not be easy, but I am trying to complete until the due date.

I want to test my self-introductions in HK office a bit.

I will line some elements which compose of what I will want to say as my self-introduction. I will improve my speech gradually.

I have been studying English for almost two years by my self.

I am afraid that my poor English may prevent you from your good work, that I may apologize for you.

However, I have a duty to master here. I will do my best here with you. Please make this work successful with each other.

I have been working in my office for ten years. I would be very happy if my effort and experience would be helpful to you.

I have two daughters. I believe that it is very precious and important life-work to take well care of them.