School recreation, a paper craft

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Feb 28, 2012 05:31
My oldest daughter and I went to her elementary school the other day. It was the coldest day in this winter, snow was rifted up for the first time in Kyoto.
Almost all cars or bikes were covered with snow that day.

What we did in the elementary school was crafting a paper to make a paper airplane. It was one of the recreations in her school through the year.

It was the first time that I had created such a advanced paper airplane, which was getting me being excited later.

The master of the paper craft explained how well we would make it. It seemed to be easy to complete the craft.

We also attended the competition where those who crafted the paper airplane would try to fly it actually. Everyone had only one chance to try it. My daughter and I practiced it well.

Firstly it was not easy to fly it well. It often fell down for a second. I was not able to re-make it to fly longer. My daughter did the same thing.

I decided to try the one chance competition in this situation. I thought it would be more important to enter the competition than wouldn't.

The result was clearly not good. I thought it was difficult and unable to make it well.

After my trying I asked to the master how I could fry it for a long time. He arranged my craft for a moment. He threw my plane. Then he filed it for a long time.

"Wow, he is a real master of the paper airplane" I was very moved by his craftsmanship. That's way I was getting interested in trying to make the plain fly longer. It was fun.