Finally she tried it!

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Feb 27, 2012 05:08

We were going back home from the playground, then I took a phone call from my wife. She said, “Buy a bread good for a soup for dinner.”. 遊び場の帰り、嫁さんから電話が入った。「夕飯のパンを買ってきて。」 
I slightly remembered where there was any bakery on the way home biking through Route 1. I headed for the shop.
I was able to catch the shop. I was planning to buy some bread while parking my Mama Bicycle.店がどこかわかった。まま自転車を停めてパンを買おうと考えていた。

But, my oldest daughter was very quiet. Yes, she was completely sleeping on the rear basket. しかし、上の子がえらく静かだった。そう、完全に後ろのシートで寝ていた。

I decided to ask the youngest to go and buy a specific bread by herself. “Say to a clerk that you want a piece of French Bread”, I spoke to her several times, and said to her, “Let’s go”.

I was watching how she did manage to achieve her task. A clerk and her started to talking each other. I said to myself, “Yes, you got it!”

But the clerk walked toward me and said to me, “ Sorry sir, the French was sold out, any other bread?” Ah, the bread was not yet sold. However, the youngest did her role as an adult did. 

We had dinner, the white soup and the bread. It was delicious.