Gyusuji (Part.2)

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Feb 22, 2012 05:35
This is a continuation of my latest entry. Where and why were we going that day?

Where did we go after buying some stuffs like Onions.

Yes, it was the butcher shop. (Eh, how often!)

I wanted to let my youngest daughter to buy Sujsuji, mustle beef.

The paper which she was looking at in the front basket was the stuff!

However, it was a bit difficult for her to do it. She was shy enough to be hesitate to buy it by herself.

Anyway, we bought a banch of Sujiniku and went back home.

What did we do after that.

I cooked a beef curry!

My family and I love the beef curry. I think the curry is the best of all the curries in the world...

I voiled the beef briefly and washed it well.

Then I cooked the beef in a pressured pod.

My daughter helped to cut vegitables, Onion, carrot and potato.

I confirmed that the beef was well voiled with much pressure.

Then I mixed the beef and the cut vegitables.

Finally, I finised the curry. It was very delicious. That was the goal of this series.

Could you get it ?

Thank you. Sorry, only in English.