My daughters' bike ride (Okonomi-yaki dinner/ + Noodle dinner in Hong Kong, 2014/ A mother in Seattle)

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Oct 29, 2014 08:30
This is a continuation from my last post and this is the last post of my daughters' bike ride story too. My daughters were playing with swing at a public park.

Here are not only photos of takoyaki but also noodle in Hong Kong let's take a look :

Returned back along the narrow street, inside the bike lane.
Then, when we were going back home, my wife coincidentally passed by the park with our mama bicycle. So we talked a bit there and we decided that my daughters and I would go to a nearby supermarket to buy something to make some home made takoyaki(たこ焼き). We searched for some ingredients like flour, octopus, and orher options like sausages, corns, cheese in the supermarket nearby.

We got enough ingredients then left the supermarket to home.

Now my daughters' bikes need to be parked at a velanda of my apartments. It's a bit annoying, however, their front baskets become a baggage for the ingredients. It's helpful.

Then we made our home-made takotaki. We always make 6 * 4 =24 balls of takoyaki one time and we continue to make it fifth time. Our stomachs were full. They were delicious.

Changing the story to another one in Hong Kong.

Captions: Guys from Tokyo, Korea, Malaysia and a local woman Louise. You can't use English in the restaurant. Only Kantoniese.

As for my job in Hong Kong I started it with colleagues from all Asian countries. I took them to my favorite local food restaurant there. I love this cheap and the most comfortable taste noodle and beer. I always have to communicate with them in English, however, Asian English is easier for me than Western English. Anyway, I will hang in there.

Mama bicycle sales

I am contacting a Japanese mother who has started to live in Seattle. She has a small child and she is now pregnant. She is searching for a good mama bicycle for her. So I would like to help to choose her best one. She is considering whether she would chose an American electric one or a Japanese one like Anjelino. So I asked Morgan to let her test ride the Red Anjelino in Seattle. I hope she will safely tests it ride soon. From Hong Kong.