Biking to a 100 JPY shop

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Feb 25, 2014 04:37
Good morning everyone. It's 4:30 am in Japan. I've published a post as usual and here is the link to the post I would appreciate it if you have some time to correct some of the body. Here is the body. Thanks, I will go jogging at the moment.

Caption :She was ready to go in the front basket ;)

The other day I took my younger daughter to a 100 JPY shop. It was already dark outside, but she wanted to get some batteries for her electric device for game. So we went there.

She will graduate from a kindergarten and will enter an elementary school. She will graduate from the FRONT child seat soon, but she is still small enough to sit there. We have some remaining time.

We biked along Shijyo street toward Ohmiya area.

You probably know the 100 JPY shop Daiso if you have been to Japan or if you live in some cities where Daiso has its chained shops. I think 100 JPY shop is always developing itself and they always catch up with new goods.

She was given the electric device like iPhone. Honestly, the batteries are expired every four hours! I hope she will not be so interested in this device, haha.