Community Cycle (trial) at Yokohama City

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Sep 27, 2011 04:45
I wrote about a rental bike service at Shin Osaka station yesterday.

Ah, I briefly wrote down this entry in Japanese. So Japanese sentences are natural Japanese or prepared for supplement to understand my English sentences.

So I don't often write but I will try to write about a Community Cycle (trial)

Community Cycle is a kind of promotional activity that suggests it will be nice to use a bike for daily transportation. So the bikes are not prepared for tourists. It is a bit pity for tourists.
コミュニティーサイクルは、通勤などで自転車を利用しましょうという活動だとおもいます 観光用ではありません (観光の方には残念)

In fact, it is clear that biking is kind to environment. People are naturally allowed to ride their bikes on the side walk. So the trial activity is easy to understand.

Such a trial activity seems to have being done everywhere in Japan. For example, this Community Cycle is started at Yokohama City.

The sponsors seem to be the collaboration between a telecommunication company, NTT Docomo and a city.

The rental bike fee is charged by a credit card and a mobile phone. That is way the telecommunication company involves this project.

The fare is approximate 1500 yen per month only if you ride the bike off within 30 minutes.

I am able to find a map which shows many parking lots for return are located around the railroad stations.

This Community Cycle will last to 2014s. That's all for today.
試験的なとりくみなので2014年までやるそうです では