Ekirinkun at JR Shin Osaka station

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Sep 26, 2011 03:15
I had a small business mater near JR ShinOsaka station last Saturday. Ah, later, I went to Nagahama.I want to write one more Nagahama entry as possible.

Shinkansen, the super express stops at JR Shin Osaka terminal station. If you visit Osaka from Tokyo you may ride the Shinkansen and stop at the station.

When I looked around at the east exit of the Station I found a rental cycle corner. Here is the website link http://www.ekiren.com/EKIRIN/ . The billbord of the rental cycle was written Ekirinkun. There were around 50 of rental bicycles. What is convenient may be the reasonable fare. If you use it for a day it will cost 300 yen. Moreover if you rent it for a month you can use it only for 2000 yen without the parking fare. It may be very cheap for a short stay.

On the other side of the east exit I found an bicycle parking lot. If you use it you should pay a certain fare.
駅出口の反対側 にも駐輪場がありましたが、それは有料でしたね。