New colorful OGK rear seats

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Sep 17, 2011 06:11

I will write about bike seats for children.
I have using OGK’s rear seat on my Mama Bicycle. OGK is a popular bike basket maker in Japan. (Of course, it is not so popular as Honda or Yamaha. It is just one of the special tool makers in Japan. )

Here is the related post OGK, the bicycle basket company in Japan.

I think my OGK’s seats are very practical but not cool. Many foreign people seem to use Hamax seats. So I guess some Japanese parents also use Hamax seats.

Recently I found very colorful OGK seats. They are painted vivid blue or yellow. I think these figures are similar to of Hamax. And I don’t think they are cooler than ever. 
But they are more distinctive than ever.  That’s all for today.
最近、OGKのカラフル版をみました。鮮やかな(派手な)青や黄色です。そして、形はハマックスのに似てると思います。いままでよかかっこいいとは思いません。 でも、いままでより個性を出してると思います。おわり!