The destination was Round 1

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Jul 30, 2011 06:11
I have ridden over the top of the fever. 熱は峠を越しました ( Is it strange expression? ) (おかしな英語ですか?) It has been a long time since I last caught a cold. Furthermore, I could not have a effective medicine to kill the cause of illness because I suffered from a cold with a kind of (nano)virus. So I could not easily recover from the cold and I have slept for three days. However, I will be OK from now on.

I will write about a mama bicycle entry as usual.Then I will correct your entries.

This entry is the first haIf of the long Mama Bicycle ride the other day. The destination was a playground where there were variaties of interesting attractions ( We call equipments of a playground アトラクション in Japan. Is it strange to call them "attractions "? ).I could also take my daughterst here by bus and subway or a rent car. However,riding my Mama Bicycle was more economic than other ways.

It was very hot, and we sometimes drank soft drinks. It was also around lunch time, and we stopped by McDonald's on the way. I passed by the Meishin High Way, finally we got the destination ,Round 1. We played some free video games, which it was a shame that were under exchange to new models. We could not use less 20% of video games thanas usual. We also play caching ball, badminton. My oldest daughter tried a roller blade. It was fun. Thank you.

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