Mitarashi 2. (An interesting festival, Mitarashi-Matsuri in the Shimogamo Shrine.)

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Jul 26, 2011 04:51
I wrote an episode titled Mitarashi 1. I happened to aim for the Shrine from the far place last Sunday, when I had a long Mama Bicycle ride with them. Yes, the second destination on the long ride was the Shimogamo Shrine, where the rare festival called Mitarashi-Matsuri was held.

The reason why I headed for the Shrine was that my wife noticed that we could get a happy black stones which might be effective to a crying child at the festival, asd she informed the information to me. So our family decided to go there.

Beside the black stone, we could feel the interesting atmosphere at the festival. What was the most interesting thing was that we walked in the river no wearing our shoes in the Shrine. The water in the river was so cool. Interestingly, we were handed candles and we lightened the candles in the river and put them on the special shelf at the end of the river.

We could also drink a cup of God Water after walking in the river. Finally, we could get the black stones at the end of the festival acting process.

Then, my daughters totally/naturally enjoyed catching goldfish at a stall along the path in the forest. This was the extra episode in the day of my long cycling. It was fun. Thank you.