An old Mama Bicycle in front of the famous forest

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Jul 21, 2011 05:30
As you might recognize I am usually going to jog to the World Heritage Sites, the Shimogamo Shrine and the next forest, Tadasu no Mori(Forest). I always pass by a bicycle parking lot in front of the forest of the World Heritage Site. By the way, the rode to the shrine among the forest was rough and leaves were scattered there by the gig twister which attacked Japan yesterday. Anyway, the other day, I saw an old Mama Bicycle, which I will write about it a bit.

The bicycle was painted yellow. It seemed to have been used for a long time. However some parts like its front basket, seat, or frame looked fine. On the other hand some parts were rusted.

As for me I have been riding my mama bicycle for five years. I thought the bicycle was older than mine. Can you feel both of them are tough enough? Or don't you think so. Thank you.
私はというと、まま自転車に5年間乗ってます。この自転車は私のより古いと思います。どっちも丈夫だと思いませんか。そうもおもいません。 どうも。