Winter Seat Covers

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Dec 18, 2014 09:03

I saw some Mama Bicycles with the seat covers. It's already very cold in Kyoto. The seats covers are very helpful when they bike around with their children in the cold air. On the other hand, I am working with a colleague from Thailand this week. His country has no winter and the temperature is still 30 degrees celsius although the temperature in Kyoto is 0 degree. Now I notice that people in south east Asia don't need the seat covers.

Here are photos:

Returning to the seats cover, the setas covers are helpful to people who live in the country which has the winter season, right?

I think these seats covers have been being developed. When I bought my Mama Bicycle about eight years ago these kinds of seats covers were not available.

The most impressing one of them was of OGK.

The OGK seat cover had a wide transparent vinyl part which allowed a child to clearly see around. Furthermore, the cover part was extended under the seat to warm up the child's legs. I give the MVS (Most Valuable Cover) to it :)