The importance of seeing what you are not interested in

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Oct 18, 2016 11:55
The importance of seeing what you are not interested in

People do what they want to do and avoid what they dislike. This is true of most people. Surely I also would like to do my favorite things, for example, studying subjects that I like. However, I keep in mind to have an interest in what I am indifference to. There are some advantages for doing so. I will explain one of these good points.
If you know things that you are less interested in, you can expand your world, which will enrich your life. For example, in my experience, at first I did not have any interest in the field of art before. However, I was invited to go to an art museum by my friend. I was fascinated by the works in the museum and had an interest in art, although I had been reluctant to go there. Going to a museum became one of my hobbies. From that time on, I try everything that I have never had an interest in.
This is the most important aspect of experiencing what you do not have an interest in. I am convinced that this will lead you to better life.

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