Apologize First

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Nov 6, 2016 14:04
Apologize First

How often do you quarrel with your family or girlfriend/boyfriend? I suggest that you should not blame others first when quarreling with them. It is important to find your faults before the accusation.
Suppose, for example, a man has a wife. He is always saying that he is exhausted from working and doesn’t do household chores. Therefore, he makes his wife do these. Because of this, she always blames him for not doing household chores and they often quarrel with each other over this problem. In this case, the man should realize his own faults and apologize to her. If he understands how hard doing household chores is, he will help her with them and they will go along well with each other.
It is difficult for humans to admit their fault because they don’t want to be blamed by others. However, it is significantly important to find your bad points and apologize when you have a conflict with others. This will build good relationships.
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