Do young people enjoy life more than older people do?

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Oct 30, 2016 21:49
Do young people enjoy life more than older people do?

Some people may argue that adults can lead a more enriched life than young adults. In my opinion, it is young people that can enjoy life best. There are three reasons why I have the opinion.
First, youngers can do what they really want to do until they graduate from school, because they do not have to be concerned with others so much.
In contrast, older adults should spend time on doing something for others, such as their parents or their partners. For example, people will have to take care of their parents if their parents cannot live on by themselves anymore. Their parents may not walk around after breaking bones. However, when they are young, they do not need to be worried about such a thing. In addition to this, they do not have to earn money so as to live on by themselves until they are a student. Young people can concentrate on doing things that they prefer.
Second, youngers can learn new things much faster that older people do, because the brain of young people is far flexible than that of the elderly. As they grow up, this flexibility will be lost. Thus, it is very difficult for old people to learn new things even though they have an interest in them. Moreover, old people are physically limited. As people get old, the ability to do sports or exercises gradually decreases. Therefore, even if they want to play soccer with their friends, they would rather be exhausted than enjoy it. These two changes are inevitable to humans.
In conclusion, because of these reasons, I am convinced that young people can enjoy life compared to old people. I recommend that they should keep this fact in mind and do what they can do only when they are young.

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