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Jul 11, 2017 00:33
Last Sunday, I went to see a movie called " Hirugao ". There was a TV series of the same title three years ago and this film is about what happened after that.

The story is about two married couples who got involved in adultery. The wife from one couple fell in love with the husband from the other. They were having a relationship while not being noticed by each other's partner ,but one day the secret was exposed. The woman who had an affair got divorced and the man returned to his wife. They promised never to see each other again. That is where the TV series ended.

Three years passed after the TV series ended. The movie first depicts the woman who started a new life moving to an another city. She began to work a part-time job and lead a very mundane life. One day, she found a brochure about a lecture where the man she had had an affair with was going to give. Even though it was prohibited to see him, she couldn't resist going to there. Naturally, they started to see each other in secret.

Unfortunately, they got caught by the wife of the man when they got off the bus together. The wife got furious and demanded that he choose between them. He then decided that he would leave his wife and get married to the woman. They started to live together. Though there was a stigma around them because of their complicated situation, people around them gradually began to accept them as members of the community. The wife of a man finally signed the divorce papers and handed it to the man. She proposed that she would drive him to the city where he lived and, on the way to his home, she was reminded of the past with him and the memory made her crazy. She accelerated the car and drove her car off a cliff. Because of the accident, he died but the wife survived. The woman got depressed to find out about his death and was about to kill herself but she didn't. Soon after that, she discovered that she was pregnant....