Sentence practice for dealing.

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Aug 25, 2017 20:46
I've been using a flea market app since this May. The app is available only in Japan, but I assume foreigners who live in Japan also use it. A couple of days ago, a buyer purchased my coat I put up, and today I've shipped it. Thoughout the procedure, I realized the addressee's name was in English. That's why I want to try to write messeges in English.

Thank you for purchasing the item I put up. I'm glad you purchased the item. I'm sorry, it doesn't include the shipping cost. If you decide to purchase it right away, I can make it ○○ yen. I'm afraid I can't, because it's in good quality/ this is my best price/ I just put it up. Let me see how it goes; if there isn't any progress, I'll sell it to you for ○○yen . I just wore it several times. Certainly, I'll make the exclusive page for you. How about ○○yen? I'll be waiting for your response.

Is there any delivery date or time slot you'd like? I'll let you know when the shipping procedure is done. I'm planning to ship the item by ネコポス. (it's a shipping method of Yamato transport co)
For the delivery status, please check the updates on the dealing page. I'm sorry but would it be alright to ship it on ○○day? Let me know if you need anything. I'd be happy if you liked the item you received.

By the way, the sales have exceeded one hundred thousand yen!



ご希望の日付や時間帯はございますか? 発送が完了次第改めてご連絡いたします。発送方法に関しては、ネコポスを予定しております。ネコポスはヤマト運輸の配送サービスの一つです。発送状況に関しては、取引画面をご覧下さい。申し訳ありません、差し支えなければ、○曜日の発送でも、よろしいでしょうか?もし他に何かご要望がありましたら、お申し付けください。お手元に届いた商品がお気に召していただけましたら嬉しく思います。

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