Do you believe in fortune telling?

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Sep 16, 2017 19:57
Do you like fortune telling? I think some of them aren't reliable, but for palm reading, there's evidence to prove that it works. This is because palm reading is based on statistics. I've actually been to palm reading once, and I'm surprised that the fortune teller guessed my preferences and other things. She told my fortune by asking my birthday and looking at both my palms. She advised me that it's better for me to work abroad.

I think fortune telling with tarots or a crystal is shady. Horoscopes are interesting though. In Japan, some news programs air daily horoscopes before working hours. The horoscopes describe the day's lucky items, colors, and things like what you should or shouldn't do. By the way, I'm a virgo.

In Japan, fortune telling is kind of popular. Some believe only good things about fortune telling. I guess it's more popular with girls.
Fortune slips are one of Japanese traditions. Visiting shrines or temples on New Year's Day is another tradition. You can drow fortune slips from both places. Please keep in mind that the way of praying is different between shrines and temples. At temples, just putting your hands together is okay after throwing in your coin.



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