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Sep 5, 2017 23:25
These days, I watch Youtube almost everyday. I'm subscribed to some channels. Some of them are English-learning channels, animal channels and anime channels and game channels. I'm not sure if it's legal, but some Youtubers upload anime which has recently come out in Japan. They have English subtitles so it's perfect for studying English. I recently watched One piece. I don't know exactly what episode it was but Luffy and White Beard tried to save Ace. It was a really sad arc.

I love the videos of Japanese Youtuber, Chika. I often "like" her videos. She is Japanese, but studied in the States when she was young. Do you call those people, "Third culture kids"? That's why she speaks both English and Japanese well. She has uploaded more than 500 videos. In the videos, she introduces Japanese culture, beautiful places, tasty food, trendy cafes and other interesting things. She also has a channel for those who are learning Japanese. She inspired me to join Lang-8. If she didn't introduce it, I wouldn't be here now. She's now travelling across the States. She's active!

I really like your Youtube videos. I'm subscribed to your channel. I always look forward to watching your new videos. I'm glad to see you here. You videos motivate me to study English. I love your 〜 series.


日本人のユーチューバー、ちかさんの動画が大好きです。よくいいねします。彼女は日本人ですが、幼い頃アメリカの学校で勉強していました。こういう人たち、帰国子女のことを、third culture kidっていいますか?なので、英語と日本語をとてもうまく話します。彼女は500本以上の動画を投稿しています。動画のなかで、日本の文化や絶景、美味しい料理、オシャレなカフェや他のおもしろいことを紹介しています。彼女は、日本語を勉強している人達用のチャンネルもあります。彼女がきっかけで、ラングエイトに参加しました。もし彼女がこのサイトを紹介しなかったら、僕は今、ここにいないと思います。彼女いま、アメリカを横断しています。行動的ですね!

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