Practice with Making Sentences:

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Nov 21, 2017 12:01
Practice with Making Sentences:
1. He is obviously not eloquent, but he dares to chat with 100 strangers on street to be a good salesman.
2. To make everyone happy, this shy girl summoned her courage to walk on the stage and sing a beautiful song.
3. I plucked up my courage to confess my love, and certainly I was rejected.
4. My opinion is different from yours.
5. These little dogs played all day and all exhausted.
6. We walked into the room, and it became dark suddenly. We all freaked out.
A:Do you want to drink tea or coffee?
B、C:We are fine either way.
A:Both are all right?Then I will make coffee for you。
8. These sisters look talented。
1. 他的口才明明不好,但是為了當上銷售員,竟然和街上100名陌生人搭訕。
2. 為了讓大家開心,這個害羞的女孩走上舞台唱歌給大家聽。
3. 鼓起勇氣告白,果然還是被拒絕了。
4. 就我而言,和你的意見不大相同。
5. 小狗玩了一整天,然後累壞了。
6. 我們走進房間,突然一片漆黑,把我們嚇壞了。

8. 這對姊妹好像很有才華的樣子。
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