Tai Hang Fire Dragon Dance

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Sep 15, 2019 23:22
Last night, I was excited to watch Fire Dragon Dance in Tai Hang, and it was also my first time experience. “Fire Dragon Dance” is the unique custom at Mid-autumn festival in Hong Kong. Mid-autumn festival is an important tradition in Taiwan too, but the customs in both places are different. For example, there are lantern carnivals in Hong Kong, while people watch lanterns at Spring Lantern Festival in Taiwan. So I had been surprised when I first knew that. In addition, we all eat moon cakes though, the styles of moon cakes are different between Hong Kong and Taiwan. “Fire Dragon Dance” is unique tradition in Hong Kong. The dragon was made of hemp rope and rattan frame wrapped in pearl straw with countless sticks of incenses. This huge dragon was hold to dance according to the vivid music of gong and drum, creating a beautiful blur of light at night. It was interesting in the crowd and enjoyed the bustling atmosphere.
The unique custom of Mid-autumn Festival was Barbecue. I ate yakiniku with my Taiwanese friend as yesterday’s dinner.
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