A little squirrel

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Jun 28, 2016 12:55
A little squirrel
A little squirrel lives in a forest. This squirrel has a little body but a big tail. Its tail is soft and fluffy just like the warmest feather quilt. It loves hugging its tail, hiding its head into it, and has a nice sleep. The squirrel does so as if that makes it enter a wonderful dream.
One day this little squirrel awakes from another nice sleep. When it blinks its eyes, feeling that its head is not clear enough, it hears strange sounds. The sound is from its stomach. The little squirrel realizes that it is very hungry. It wants take some fruits to eat, but everything the little squirrel can eat is gone. “Well, I have to find something to eat”, the little squirrel decides to go out its house which is a arch-shaped small hallow in a tree.