Dark Chocolates

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Dec 26, 2016 20:12
Dark Chocolates
Last week, I saw Lindt’s black chocolate was on sale: buy one and get one. Since I suddenly wanted to eat dark chocolates, I bought one pack. It was delicious. I like chocolates very much. The unique taste is so charming. Every time I feel happy when eating them. However, I have to control myself not eating too much. Then I will become fatter.
上禮拜看到lindt瑞士蓮的黑巧克力在特價,買一送一。因為突然很想吃黑巧克,所以我買了一包。我覺得好好吃呀! 我很喜歡巧克力,有種獨特的風味,每次吃了都覺得很開心。但是我得克制不能吃太多,不然肯定會變胖了!