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May 20, 2019 08:23

Tokyo Travel Note (1)
Yesterday, I spent eight hours writing my journal about traveling to Tokyo. It is long but I want to challenge translating it into English little by little.

The travel to Tokyo with my brother is over. A wonderful memory it left. Even though it became colder before leaving Hong Kong, it got colder still after arriving in Tokyo because of the dry and cold weather. However, thanks to this trip, I got reunited with some old friends and met new ones.

I could not help but appreciate how amazing the serendipity was. I felt so grateful I could meet these admirable people and treasured the opportunities to feel the flow of love from my family and friends.

I really appreciate the Japanese style of hospitality which is so generous and so thoughtful. The kindness warmed my heart and made me feel a little shy since I didn’t know how to repay the depth of their hospitality.