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Oct 15, 2019 11:40
Thanks for your email. It seems a project with many possibilities and would be wonderful to help Anarchy Dance Theatre or other Taiwanese performance artists come to Hong Kong. Would you mind if we do this skype meeting after 19 Nov? All of us are very busy for 2019 Taiwan Arts Festival during this period.
However, we have put this collaborative idea in our next year’s plan and expect to make meaningful things happen together. So you could send us information about the festival or any your ideas at any time.

Please keep us posted.
感謝來信。這看起來是充滿可能信的計畫,如果能幫助安那琪聚場或其他台灣表演藝術家來港就太好了。 請問您介意我們11月19日之後再做Skpye會議嗎?因為我們這段期間正忙於台灣月。但我們已經將這個合作想法列如名年的計畫,期望一起來做有意義的事情。所以你可以隨時寄給我們這個藝術節有關的訊息或是任何你的想法。